Marmor Paperie isn’t a big corporation, it’s really just one person wearing an awful lot of hats and trying to do the best they can (with help from friends, family and freelancers). With that in mind, we value the data you give us immensely and only use it to contact you with information related to marbling, our products and events. We wouldn’t dream of selling it on to anyone else and make sure we treat it with the respect it deserves by keeping it safe and secure.

When you visit, two types of data are gathered: the first you directly given to us at the point of placing an order and the second is more general information on browsing behaviour that is drawn by Google Analytics and Woocommerce.

All the information you give to us when checking out is treated extremely sensitively, from your name to your payment details. We use a SSL certificate which encrypts your data as it passes from your browser to our website’s servers. You may have noticed a padlock symbol in the web address bar, this is to show that you have a secure connection to our website and don’t need to worry about any details you give us being hacked or stolen.

Google Analytics and WooCommerce are third party software that we use to help us understand how people interact with our site and how we can make it better. Google Analytics collects data related to audience and how the site is interacted with. The information collected is completely anonymous – we can’t identify any individuals from it and don’t have any need to! WooCommerce deals with the ‘shop’ side of the website, enabling us to take payments (that are encrypted using the previously mentioned SSL certificate), manage our orders and view financial reports. We never print physical copies of orders received or remove them from our website’s secure servers in any other way. You can view WooCommerce’s privacy policy here.

We like to keep in touch with people who are interested in what we’re doing, so send an email newsletter out every month or two. This might include info about new products or offers, dates for upcoming workshops or news and events from the studio. If you have signed up to our mailing list via the forms on our website or by adding your details to a physical list, you will receive this email. Any physical lists are shredded after the contacts have been uploaded to our digital mailing list.

We also add email addresses of people who have bought a product or ticket through our website, or expressed interest to us via a direct email.

We will never give, sell or trade your personal details, including name and email address, to any other people, businesses or organisations of any kind.

We use a third-party provider called Mailchimp to deliver these email newsletters. Mailchimp tracks statistics related to the email’s performance, which can be linked to an individual email address. It tells us who has opened the email and what links have been clicked by whom. For more information, please take a look at Mailchimp’s privacy notice.

If you do not want to receive our newsletters you can unsubscribe using the link a the bottom of any email. Alternately, you can send us an email at to let us know if you would like to be removed or do not want us to store your personal details on our digital mailing list.

We want you to be completely happy about what data we store and how we use it, so please do let us know if you would like to view, edit or delete any of your data by emailing Lucy at

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